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Speech, Language and Feeding Services
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Small Steps Therapy

Speech, Language & Feeding Therapy


Providing families with high quality services with open minds and open hearts.

Small Steps Therapy is a speech, language, and feeding clinic founded by Rachel Best, MS, CCC-SLP. We are located in the heart of Providence with a satellite office in Mendon, MA. We are a team of supportive, creative clinicians who desire to help others through a variety of therapy and treatment approaches. All children who experience speech, language, and feeding challenges deserve to thrive, and we are determined to deliver the best possible care to achieve families' desired results.

We seek to always put families first and provide treatment in an individualized, thoughtful manner. Our top priorities will always be faith, family, and serving our community.




1 Randall Square, Suite 302
Providence, RI 02904

New Second Location:
6 King Philip Path
Mendon, MA 01756

(401) 443-5252


Therapy Services


  • Speech and Language Assessments

  • Dysphagia, Feeding, and Oral Motor Assessments


  • Expressive and Receptive Language Skills

  • Articulation/Phonological Skills

  • Motor Planning/Sequencing Skills (Apraxia of Speech)

  • Social and Pragmatic Language Skills

  • Oral Motor Skills

  • Feeding Therapy for Picky Eaters

  • AAC Skills

  • Fluency (Stuttering) Treatment

  • Voice Therapy

  • Family-Based Therapy

Individual Therapy

Children are treated in a 1:1 setting with a licensed speech language pathologist or speech language pathology assistant. Each session is tailored to the specific needs of the child and family. We are committed to providing a fun and therapeutic setting that meets the needs of every individual. We often encourage parents to attend the session in order to promote carry-over of goals into the home and community settings.


Each group is developed according to the specific needs of the children in our clinic. We have ongoing preschool play groups, toddler language groups, feeding groups, and social skills groups. Please contact us with any interest in group therapy and we will work together to form a group that meets your child’s unique needs. Groups are developed based on interest and availability.

Multidisciplinary Treatment

We are very privileged to have on-going collaboration with local DIR Floortime Specialist, Roswitha Wilner. Please contact us with questions regarding Floortime Therapy.

Adult and Geriatric Treatment

Although most of our work is with children, we do see adult patients on a case-by-case basis. We are skilled in dysphagia therapy, cognitive skills, language based challenges (Aphasia, Executive Functioning, etc), and speech disorders. Additionally, our talented Vocologist, Marissa, is also a professionally trained singer and loves working on voice skills with patients of all ages. Please contact us directly with any questions.

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Get in touch

At Small Steps Therapy, LLC we know that working with your family is a privilege. We offer free consultations on the phone so you can determine if our clinic is a good fit for your needs. Please contact us or 401-443-5252.